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Developing an efficient health system engagement model for gene therapy

The challenge

Cell and gene therapy (CGT) organizations face a critical need to establish effective partnerships with treatment centers to bring their innovative therapies to patients. A global gene therapy client was planning a product launch whose success depended on having a robust treatment center network. While onboarding 65 major health systems across the US and EU as clinical and/or commercial partners, they managed their engagement activities within functional siloes using 11 trackers across five different tools. Cross-functional information sharing was ad hoc and limited to unstructured, bilateral conversations. This led to different functions sending conflicting requests to their health system partners, prompting those partners to request more organizational coordination. Wanting to deliver a better experience for their partners, this client levereged Vynamic’s cross-sector expertise to solve this challenge.

The approach

Coordinating treatment center engagement would help the client achieve its desired treatment center network. With this goal in mind, Vynamic designed and implemented an efficient operating model to coordinate treatment center engagement activities across eight functional teams.

To ensure the operating model’s success, Vynamic focused on four key components:

  1. Team structure – Identified functional points of contact participating in clinical and commercial treatment center engagement activities to participate in the new operating model.
  2. Meeting cadence – Established and facilitated regular meetings to proactively review upcoming treatment center engagement activities, align on goals, and address any anticipated conflicts.
  3. SharePoint tool – Built and managed a SharePoint site to promote transparency around treatment center engagement activities, including calendar, directory of functional points of contact for each treatment center, and activity definitions.
  4. Change management – Drove the launch of the new operating model, including developing tailored communications and training client stakeholders.
The result

Vynamic developed and operationalized a comprehensive engagement model across 65 clinical and commercial treatment centers to support successful partnerships and patient experience. This model aligned with the organization’s goals of having a robust treatment center network and the ability to treat patients effectively. It also ensured that treatment center issues were addressed rapidly and effectively. The client was thrilled with the results and engaged Vynamic for future work across the organization.

There is an opportunity to replicate these successes at other CGT organizations that are passionate about optimizing treatment center engagement and experience. Contact us to discuss how Vynamic can support your organization’s strategic initiatives.

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