Case Study

Generating New Business Through Improved Customer Service


A Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) was struggling with providing effective customer service to their three largest accounts and responding to new business requests. The PBM desired an enhanced operating model that would better position them to provide superior customer service without sacrificing their focus on membership growth.


Vynamic developed a current state assessment of the PBM’s current account management function, recommended a future state model, and identified the gaps and challenges to move from the current state to the future state destination. Utilizing this approach, Vynamic was able to provide immediate relief to the PBM’s over-extended account management teams and integrate an infrastructure to better support these customers and plan for growth.


Vynamic’s recommendations to restructure the PBM’s operating model led to dramatic improvements in their ability to respond to customer service issues and to more effectively react to new business requests.

Some specific results achieved include:

  • Creation of a scalable RFP Response tool to provide a central repository for RFP questions and collateral materials
  • Creation of an automated account management dashboard to track, manage and prioritize client service requests
  • Development of an organizational structure more closely aligned with functional responsibilities and strategic goals