Case Study

Global DEI Assessment & Strategy Recommendation

Read how a European-based regional HR organization within a Global Pharmaceutical company asked Vynamic to assess the current state of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) across their local countries with the goal of developing a recommended DEI operating model, strategy, and implementation plan.

The Challenge

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to DEI, nor are all geographies grappling with the same issues, gaps, or business needs. So how can a company with an international footprint develop a cohesive, yet differentiated DEI strategy? To address this challenge, a global pharmaceutical company engaged Vynamic to assess the current state of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) across their local countries and develop a recommended DEI operating model, strategy, and implementation plan. Until that point, the organization had been operating with disparate country-specific DEI initiatives, resulting in duplicative efforts and lacking connection to a broader company-wide plan or strategy. With Vynamic’s support, the organization set out to establish a unified approach to DEI that would provide local countries with a clear vision to anchor on, and the freedom to achieve that vision through locally differentiated goals, programs, and activities. 

The Approach

To truly embed Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in an international organization, it is critical to shape an operating model and strategy that will resonate both globally and at the local level for each country. With this balancing act in mind, Vynamic sought to assess each country’s current DEI efforts, goals, and unmet needs, and to identify the themes that resonate across local countries within the overall region. Additionally, Vynamic brought a core team together with cross-functional representation from each local country for an interactive, collaborative discussion to align and prioritize the organization’s DEI efforts. Using inputs from both activities, Vynamic was able to develop a cohesive strategy and operating model that set the course for the organization’s way of working for DEI. 

Assessment of Current State  

Conducted interviews with cross-functional team members from each country to identify current DEI activities, unmet needs, challenges, and goals. Key themes were identified and compiled within a report which also included a deep dive assessment for each local country. 

Facilitation of Workshop for Prioritization & Alignment 

Collaborated with the organization’s HR team to plan for and facilitate a workshop with volunteers from across each of the local countries in the region, each of whom had raised their hand to act as their location’s DEI ambassador. Together, participants collaborated to identify areas of opportunity and highest priority, as well as to align on operational guiding principles.  

Development of Operating Model Recommendation 

Utilizing insights from the current state analysis and the prioritization workshop, Vynamic designed an operating model that included recommended organizational design, roles, and responsibilities, as well as associated success metrics and key mobilization activities that would drive both global consistency and local differentiation. 

Proposed Implementation Plan 

To ensure our client had a clear plan for mobilization, Vynamic developed detailed implementation plans that identified both short and long-term milestones, as well as key resources and presentation materials to deliver prioritized programming and activities. 

The Result

Vynamic was able to support our client in identifying local differences between the DEI approach, activities, and unmet needs across a global region. As a result of the work Vynamic delivered, the organization has embedded a DEI operating model and strategy that their local countries feel connected to and can execute on. The new model has enabled cross-collaboration and best practice sharing, and in the time since our initial efforts has resulted in the establishment of a global DEI Council that is often featured in organization-wide town halls and communications for its exemplary DEI work. 

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