Global Launch Operating Model

The Challenge

A large global life sciences company needed support in developing a product launch operating model that would enable the delivery of several key therapies to market over the next three years. This team partnered with Vynamic to gain clarity on roles and responsibilities, ways of working, and behaviors that would make future product launches effective.

The Approach

Product launches can be complex. It involves cross-functional collaboration, a defined understanding of roles and responsibilities, and alignment for the overall vision. Vynamic facilitated thoughtful conversations across the organization, from marketing and market access teams within commercial, to Medical Affairs, and through to the R&D and clinical teams to understand the client’s needs and to create a framework that delivers on the strategic objectives and fits the company culture.

Cross-Functional Stakeholder Engagement

Vynamic spent time with each team to understand the context and landscape, asking thoughtful questions and building meaningful relationships. Once these needs were understood, we developed the plan to deliver the vision, with clear milestones and deliverables, and a focus on fitting seamlessly with the client’s culture and teams.

Establishing Ways of Working & Success Behaviors

A key component of an effective product launch operating model is establishing the ways of working and behaviors required to be successful. This involves facilitating open and transparent discussions across the team and ensuring alignment behind the overall vision.

User Reference Guides & Launch Plan Templates

To enable future product launches, the project team developed a user reference guide to support plan development, meeting facilitation, and risk management. The team also developed a template plan with activities, deliverables, and interdependences pre-populated to make future launches more effective.

Leadership Reporting & Decision Enablement

Vynamic developed leadership reports that enable decision making by presenting key risks, issues, and interdependencies identified in the detailed project plan. Reports were also developed ‘above asset’ to support portfolio-level visibility and decision making.

The Result

Vynamic developed a product launch operating model that is now serving as the blueprint for all future launches across the client’s four regions and 61 markets, ensuring consistency in how they work and, ultimately, sustainable business growth. The operating model has clearly defined the roles and responsibilities, ways of working, and behaviors required for a successful commercial launch, and is currently supporting five innovative therapies that are planned to launch in the next three years.

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