Case Study

Increasing Physician Engagement via Remote Personal Selling


Current technology enables a Health Care Professional (HCP) to speak with a Pharmaceutical sales representative by way of a web-based video conference call also known as Remote Personal Selling (RPS). Brands spend considerable money and time converting brand content into a format that can be leveraged by the software utilized for this channel. To identify and rollout a solution that would decrease content conversion costs and increase HCP interactions with the RPS channel, a global Pharmaceutical company turned to Vynamic.


The Vynamic team led the RPS vendor selection approach, the definition of the evaluation criteria, and the demonstrations for each option under consideration. Once the vendor was selected, Vynamic led the implementation of the new RPS solution at the company’s call center. To increase HCP interactions, Vynamic partnered with the client to develop a cross-brand promotions website that made it easy for HCPs to engage with RPS. The Vynamic team managed the end-to-end process for creating the website, including requirements documentation, content strategy and testing efforts.


  • Savings of over $1 million per year; participating brands now spend minimal to zero dollars converting content for the remote personal selling channel
  • Improved speed to market –brand messaging reaches HCPs eight weeks earlier than in the past
  • Increased HCP interaction with the RPS channel through a cross-brand promotional website and field representative pilot that targeted HCPs through a multi-channel engagement strategy