Case Study

Organizational Enablement


A global life sciences company had centralized multiple business units into a single organization. But one key business unit was not being maximized to its full potential – resources were spending too much time on activities that didn’t fully leverage their skills, clients didn’t understand their capabilities and skill development needed focus. Vynamic was asked to help find ways to better enable this business unit.


Developed a comprehensive understanding of the impediments facing the client’s business unit from an internal as well as client perspective. Upon defining the current state, Vynamic went about working with the client to strengthen the business unit’s support model through operational efficiency, defining a value proposition that would showcase capabilities and designing a personal and professional development plan to help elevate the business unit’s team members.

2 Vynamic consultants, 16 client stakeholders and 9 key primary care brands

Duration: Planning and design was completed in 5 months – implementation on-going

Savings: Identification of a potential revenue protection based on identified 2017 forecasting versus actual sales for 5 key brands, and $1.5 M in yearly cost savings realized through the shift of work being performed by 3rd parties to the internal team


  • Created capacity for the business unit to help deliver on their mandate
  • Enabled more strategic engagement with key internal clients of the in-scope business unit
  • Developed more loyal internal customers throughout the client’s brands and organization
  • Designed a culture where team members felt valued, listened to and important