Case Study

Implementing a Successful Patient Assistance Program


Faced with the challenge of brand teams managing their programs individually while overlapping their efforts and overextending limited resources, this global Pharmaceutical company identified Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) as a focus for improvement. With multiple vendors providing redundant services and patients receiving varying levels of support, the company was missing the opportunity to unify brands and identify on a corporate level their shared commitment to help patients.


Vynamic focused on a 3 step solution: Formalize, Elevate and Optimize. Our approach began with establishing the foundational elements of Patient Assistance Programs: overarching Philosophy, Brand Driven Strategy, Execution Capabilities, Participant Experience, as well as Management and Governance. These foundational elements comprised a framework that was used to understand their current programs, evaluate industry-leading programs and shape the future program.


By teaming with Vynamic, our customer has succeeded in reducing total program costs while increasing the speed with which it can implement program enhancements in response to market and industry dynamics.

Some specific results achieved include:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction by 10%
  • Reduced Call Wait Time by over 50%
  • Reduced Application Processing Time by 80%