Case Study

Pivoting Oncology Launch Plans Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how new therapies are commercially launched in the US, and many life sciences manufacturers have had to pivot to ensure patients are able to access medications they need. Learn how Vynamic recently advised two large pharmaceutical companies working within in an alliance on how to pivot their launch planning efforts (both internally and externally) for two oncology indication launches.

The Challenge

The marketing leadership of two large pharmaceutical companies engaged Vynamic to provide strategic launch planning and execution support of two simultaneous indication launches for one brand. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pivots to launch plans were required two months prior to launch and in a competitive environment for both indications.

The Approach

In order to quickly and effectively pivot launch planning to accommodate, Vynamic partnered with the client brand teams to make changes both externally and internally.  Changes included:

Launch Readiness & Business Continuity Strategy Reviews

Updated launch plans to maintain pre-COVID strategy by developing materials to ensure a stronger digital presence including prioritizing non-personal promotion, third-party partners, virtual Congress/speaker programs, etc.

Remote Customer Engagement Plan & Field Coordination

Developed engagement plan and detailed coordination across all field teams for both companies and indications to ensure streamlined yet impactful virtual customer interactions in lieu of face-to-face interactions

Launch Project Management Tools & Templates

Created virtual project management process including detailed launch timelines & statuses, scenario plans for simultaneous launches, risk assessment & mitigation planning, and asset tracking dashboard

Cross-Company Virtual Communication Processes

Detailed step-by-step approval communication cascade, coordination of virtual rooms on Day 0 including a “Command Center” with a Virtual Scorecard / live launch status, creative virtual training workshops & sales webcasts

The Results

Vynamic’s unique approached led to a successful Day 0 (approval day) with all planned critical activities completed within the first five hours of launch, due to seamless virtual communication internally and externally.

Despite the unprecedented level of complexity, very short time to adapt, and highly competitive marketplace, the client’s brand grew its share with market leader position two months post approval. This was due to a coordinated and targeted virtual customer engagement plan and digital execution.

Additionally, 100% of the internal launch team found the launch planning tools, templates, and virtual communication processes developed to be useful in order for a successful Day 0 based on results from a post-launch lessons learned survey.

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