Case Study

Strategic Transformation Office (STO)


A global life sciences company was facing declining revenue amid a growing portfolio and required a new approach to define and derive the most value for the organization. Vynamic was asked to establish a Strategic Program Management Office structure, processes, tools and roles that would support multiple workstreams aimed at productivity, efficiency and building new organizational capabilities.


Vynamic partnered with our client to design a Strategic Transformation Office approach and staffed key leadership roles (STO Lead, Portfolio Leads, Business Case Lead, Value Realization Lead and Change Management Lead). We also deployed Initiative Leads to work with each of the 20+  workstreams to ensure delivery of objectives while also managing cross-workstream interdependencies.


Vynamic’s STO approach and leadership led to over $300M in realized savings for our client and established a long-term governance framework that has extended to all major strategic initiatives.

Some specific results achieved include:

  • Implemented 20+ workstreams that delivered over $300M in savings with an additional $100-300M identified for future savings opportunities
  • Increased transparency to objectives, intended outcomes, and planned / actual benefits over time
  • Engaged C-suite sponsors to develop a clear path for decision-making and endorsement
  • Streamlined and accelerate implementation of new capabilities and realization of benefits