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Alzheimer’s disease state awareness campaign

The challenge

Our Life Sciences client was planning to launch its first Alzheimer’s therapy. Despite being many months away from launch, our client wanted to establish itself as a trusted source of Alzheimer’s Disease information, both online and at HCP conferences.​

Our approach

The team ran two parallel work streams, one focused on immediate quick wins, and one focused on longer-term strategies to build thoughtful messaging for their marketing and digital strategy. Our approach included the following components:

1. Setup initial digital campaign framework and engagement plan

Collaborated with several functional areas and the brand to quickly agree on early messaging strategy for a website, email message, and advertising strategy in preparation for key conferences.

2. Facilitate joint marketing and digital strategy workshops

Managed agency partners to prepare and facilitate marketing workshops, each with a specific focus based on anticipated execution timing

3. Build content messaging, development, and deployment strategy​

Using ideation workshop outputs, consolidated digital opportunities with messaging strategy to develop a full content strategy that would eventually prepare physicians to prescribe

4. Manage external partners for on-time execution

Partnered with marketing, media agencies, and a technology lead to coordinate execution of each of digital tactics, from development to launch and “flighting​”

The results

Vynamic guided the client to launch a landing page, initial email campaign, and conference presence in 36 business days. Over the next 4 months the team built the content messaging and delivery strategy for the remainder of the disease awareness campaign.

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