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Enabling growth & efficiency through sales communication improvement

The challenge

In the dynamic medical technology industry, communication between cross functional stakeholders and sales can be the difference between success and failure. A medical technology company approached Vynamic with a specific challenge – they observed significant communication breakdowns between the sales team and other cross functional departments that were negatively impacting productivity, efficiency, and organizational alignment. With plans to scale up their sales team to capitalize on a favorable market, the client recognized the urgency of understanding, addressing, and resolving the sales communication issues. Solving this challenge wouldn’t just prepare the sales team for successful growth; it would also optimize the overall effectiveness of the sales team and foster improved collaboration throughout the organization. This could lead to a more competitive and cohesive organizational culture. Vynamic was well-positioned to tackle this challenge due to our ability to conduct in-depth assessments, engage cross-functional stakeholders, and design tailored solutions.   

The approach

Vynamic recognized the critical importance of solving this challenge. Effective communication is the linchpin of organizational success, especially in a competitive marketplace where collaboration and agility are paramount.  

In order to ensure a holistic and sustainable solution, Vynamic began with a comprehensive assessment of the current state, provided actionable recommendations for improvement, and then launched an operational plan to implement changes.  

The detailed approach included: 

  • Performing a deep dive into the sales communication processes of the client. This involved conducting numerous interviews with stakeholders from cross-functional departments (including by not limited to sales, clinical affairs, sales operations, medical education, etc.) and collecting data on all communications currently shared with sales. 
  • After synthesizing the information gathered, Vynamic facilitated a workshop with all interviewed stakeholders to align on the organization’s pain points, success areas, and potential recommendations for improvement. 
  • Working with client leadership, Vynamic defined clear short term, medium term, and long-term recommendations to optimize the sales communication process that were accompanied by an actionable operational plan to achieve results. 
  • Vynamic started to execute the operational plan for a handful of critical recommendations, including:

Short term: Vynamic created a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the sales communication process based on stakeholder input and best practices.

Medium term: Vynamic conducted a landscape analysis of technical vendors with employee communication/modern intranet functionality to meet the client’s defined business needs.

Long term: Vynamic created wireframes for the client’s future employee communication tool to illustrate how the technology could address their sales communication needs.  

Throughout the project, Vynamic worked with cross-functional stakeholders from the client’s sales, IT & compliance, marketing commercial operations, regulatory quality, HR, clinical affairs, finance, and medical education teams. Additionally, Vynamic conducted preliminary assessments of 15+ employee communication technology vendors.

The result

Through their work with Vynamic, the client gained a comprehensive understanding of their current sales communication processes, challenges, and needs, as well as recommendations and a plan for improvement. Additionally, the project produced a sales communication SOP founded on stakeholder insights and best practices that could be deployed to achieve quick wins. Vynamic’s work provided each department with invaluable insight into the broader sales communication process and drove organizational alignment on a path forward. For longer term results, the project outputs included a list of potential employee communication tools that met defined business requirements and mock-ups of the future state technology to inform meaningful design and implementation. The leader within the medical technology company, including several cross-functional stakeholders, expressed satisfaction with project outcomes and, more importantly, expressed gratefulness on the thoughtful and collaborative approach Vynamic took in developing the project outcomes. 

There is the opportunity to replicate these successes at any health technology organization that wants to improve their sales communication processes. Contact us to discuss how Vynamic can support your organization’s strategic initiatives.  



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