Importance of Culture in Return to Workplace Planning

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Climbing COVID-19 vaccination rates have enabled many countries to relax social distancing requirements and business leaders to implement their return to workplace plans. In this episode, Ryan and Jen are joined by Vynamic’s Lauren Scandone and Stefanie Christmas to discuss the importance of culture in developing and executing those plans. The past eighteen months have irrevocably changed how many employers and employees think about work – bringing technology, employee choice, and empathy to the forefront of the discussion (00:54). This discussion about the future of work should also include a discussion of culture, as it is a key driver of both team and business performance (03:13). Although each company’s culture is unique, there are several key areas of focus on the minds of organizations as they think through their culture roadmaps and return to workplace plans – communication and team dynamics (05:37), psychological safety, resilience and trust (06:03), equity and inclusion (07:45), and employee support and wellbeing (08:40). Healthcare industry leaders can jumpstart the incorporation of cultural considerations into their return to workplace planning by thinking through a few key questions (11:30).

For more information on this topic, check out Vynamic’s Insight “COVID-19 Business Response – Phase 4: The Great Culture Reset”.

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