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Market Access Capability Analysis & Process Mapping for a Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) Biotech

A pre-commercial Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) client was preparing for the launch of its first product. Read how the newly formed Market Access team contacted Vynamic to assist with strategic planning and process development to support an innovative, outcomes-driven approach for value based contracting arrangements.

The Challenge

With market access capabilities recognized as critical for success, a pre-commercial Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) client with a newly formed Market Access team needed to develop its strategy and core business processes for both the US and global markets. In addition, they needed to define and prioritize business requirements to assess the vendors and systems necessary to further enable their capabilities in executing an outcome–driven, value-based contracting arrangement. To ensure that all of this was ready for both launch and beyond, the client reached out to Vynamic due to its understanding of market access and Vynamic’s ability to lead highly innovative, complex initiatives across organizations.

The Approach

A robust market access strategy and focused execution is essential for the success of any Life Sciences product launch. To provide the comprehensive support required, Vynamic leveraged its Product Launch and Strategic Planning & Mobilization services.

In doing so, Vynamic focused on five key areas:

Planned the Capabilities

  • Conducted strategic planning working sessions to identify key capabilities needed for innovative contracting.
  • Provided gap analysis of capabilities in contracting approach to prioritize critical areas of focus.

Developed Business Process Maps

  • Developed 20+ cross-functional processes leveraging a lean methodology (SIPOC) approach to ensure that the broader organization was aligned to the critical integration points, decision making, and execution. In addition to Market Access, the other functions involved were Finance, Legal, Commercial Operations, Insights & Analytics, Govt. Affairs and then Account Directors.

Conducted Validation Sessions

  • Using an iterative workshop approach, Vynamic worked with US and Global commercial leaders to validate the processes and align on all sub-processes, interdependencies, and key inputs/outputs.

Defined Technology Requirements

  • Conducted interactive working sessions throughout the capability assessment and process flow design to identify and document high-level IT business requirements.
  • Assessed common needs across functions to prioritize “must haves” for execution of innovative contracting model.

Enabled Solution & Vendor Assessments

  • Authored the RFP with Procurement and IT, then short-listed vendors and systems based on preliminary fit gap assessment.
The Result

With Vynamic’s assistance, the cross-functional teams involved were fully aligned to the 20+ market access related processes required to drive commercial success of the value based contracting approach. In addition, the client was able to confidently select and engage with key vendor partners and technology solutions that were essential for operations. As a result, the client’s teams were fully prepared for launch and were able to easily coordinate the many activities across all functions in a way that was predictable, coordinated, and manageable for all stakeholders.

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