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Market access strategy refresh

The challenge

A large pharmaceutical client was managing a delayed launch for one of their products and was concerned that their original market access strategy may be misaligned due to evolving external factors, such as market dynamics and payer strategies. Given their familiarity with our expertise, the client reached out to Vynamic to conduct a comprehensive assessment of each factor and propose a refreshed market access strategy to enable a successful launch.

The approach

A proper market access strategy can make or break a product’s launch. With market conditions rapidly evolving and the approval pending, we needed to apply a quick and nimble approach leveraging Vynamic’s Strategic Planning & Mobilization service. In doing so, Vynamic partnered closely with the market access team and other relevant functions to quickly assess key factors and make recommendations for a refreshed market access strategy.

There were four key activities:

Identify and confirm the key factors

Vynamic aligned with leadership on the rationale to revisit the original strategy by understanding the underlying assumptions and key changes within. Using that as the foundation, we identified and prioritized the factors to assess based on their potential impact to the market access strategy.

Conduct factor deep dives

Vynamic then completed a detailed assessment of the key factors (e.g., competitive landscape, payer strategies for formulary management, account team insights, etc.) to understand how they were evolving and assessed the readiness and position of our client against those changes.

Recommend updates to access strategy

Based on the deep dive analysis, Vynamic defined recommendations to adjust the product’s overall market access approach, revise goals, and define an account specific strategy based on anticipated payer contracting.

Implement a leadership dashboard and governance framework

Vynamic designed a dashboard for franchise and cross-functional leadership to review and monitor their strategy based on key metrics and stood up the supporting forums for periodic reviews and action-oriented discussions.

The result

Our client implemented the recommendations and communicated the refreshed market access strategy to relevant internal teams to ensure readiness and adoption prior to launch. The ongoing monitoring and governance framework was also key to allowing the client to remain nimble by proactively responding to the market based on evolving trends and metrics. As a result of our strategic thinking, collaborative partnership with this client, and extensive knowledge of market access and product launch, Vynamic has continued to support this franchise team for additional launch needs.

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