Opportunities for Patient Centricity in Life Sciences

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Patient centricity is no longer a buzzword, it’s redefining how the pharmaceutical industry operates to deliver the best outcomes and experiences for patients. In this episode, Jen is joined by Vynamic London team members Gemma Pfister and Jack Young to discuss opportunities to become more patient centric throughout the medicine development lifecycle. Inclusiveness, empowerment, and partnership are defining featured of a truly patient centric approach (00:41). There are opportunities for improving patient centricity across the entire lifecycle of a product, from development (03:13) to reimbursement (08:35) to commercialization (12:50). Pharmaceutical companies are uniquely positioned to drive and derive value from patient centricity efforts (19:25), but success in the space requires a focus on strategy, digital, and measurement (21:52). Read how Vynamic partnered with a global pharmaceutical company to help change the way the life sciences industry develops patient-focused solutions in the future in our Case Study – Building an Industry-Changing Patient Innovation Hub.

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Gemma Pfister, Executive & London Hub Lead

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Jen Burke, Healthcare Industry Strategist

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