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Seamlessly integrating newly acquired brands into an established portfolio

The challenge

Following an acquisition, a large, global biopharmaceutical company needed to consolidate disparate brands into a single portfolio, which would be led by a new director. That director would also require knowledge transfer support to quickly step in and provide leadership to the new organization. Successfully onboarding the director would promote stability within the various brands and provide a central means of communication to the rest of the business. To achieve the desired outcome, the client reached out to Vynamic due to our proven experience in assisting with past organization and brand integrations.   

The approach

As acquisitions continue to be a key channel for growth in Life Sciences, the industry has learned many valuable lessons about how to make the subsequent integrations successful. Applying those lessons requires both experience and innovation to ensure that each organization achieves its objectives. As a result, Vynamic combined a standard framework with an adaptive approach to integrate the disparate brands into a cohesive organization with a new leader.   

Performed current state assessment and future state gap analysis  

  • Interviewed stakeholders including sales, marketing, and other supporting functions across both legacy organizations to identify the current state, and then performed a gap analysis to the vision that CPT leadership had for the portfolio in the future state. 
  • Vynamic then engaged with vendors and agencies currently supporting the brands to understand any additional nuances or issues being faced to ensure a 360° view was obtained. 

Developed future recommendations and priorities roadmap

  • Developed several recommendations and initiatives to implement based on the gap analysis to the desired future state vision and prioritized them into a 6-month roadmap for the newly established brands leader to implement. 

Supported knowledge transfer for the new leader

  • Conducted a knowledge transfer with the new lead to help them rapidly ramp up into the role after the prior resources supporting these brands had left the organization, leaving a gap. 

Enabled the stakeholder engagement and socialization

  • Developed a plan for stakeholder engagement and a roadshow deck for the lead to socialize with cross-functional stakeholders and gain buy-in on the future state vision of the portfolio. 
The result

As a result of the assessments and knowledge transfer support, the new brands director was able to rapidly ramp up into their new role despite a gap in organizational coverage. Communications became more efficient between established brands, other business units, and supporting functions, resulting in more streamlined support and movement away from a “siloed” mentality. Additionally, enhancements recommended by Vynamic were quickly implemented, which improved the management and collaboration opportunities of the portfolio.

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