Trending News US – June 30, 2022

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In our typical Trending News US episodes, we examine a few recent newsworthy items we think healthcare leaders should be considering. For today’s episode, we focus on the Supreme Court’s ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson, a case centered on a Mississippi law that bars most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, a standard that directly challenged Roe v. Wade. On Friday June 24th, in one of the most consequential decisions in decades, the Court ruled in favor of overturning Roe – holding there is no longer a federal constitutional right to an abortion. Jen, Mindy, and Ryan discuss the implications of this decision on women’s reproductive health and the American healthcare industry. 


Podcast Tags: healthcare, healthcare news, women’s health, reproductive health, public health, providers, Roe v. Wade, Dobbs v. Jackson

Source Links:

· https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/22067237/19-1392_6j37.pdf 

· https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/attorney-general-merrick-b-garland-statement-supreme-court-ruling-dobbs-v-jackson-women-s

· https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/06/24/fact-sheet-president-biden-announces-actions-in-light-of-todays-supreme-court-decision-on-dobbs-v-jackson-womens-health-organization/ 

· https://khn.org/news/article/abortion-ruling-roe-overturned-conservatives-supreme-court/


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Mindy McGrath, Healthcare Industry Advisor

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Ryan Hummel, Executive and Head of Provider Sector

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Jen Burke, Healthcare Industry Strategist

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