Organizations are growing new products, moving into new geographies, and pivoting in many other areas. This change is disrupting how organizations must interact with their employees and customers to achieve business outcomes and create positive experiences. To stay relevant, organizations must revisit their commercial and delivery operating models to align to strategy, enable change to happen quickly, and optimize spend.

How We Help

Current State Assessment

Understand current and future business vision, strategy, objectives, and execution plan. Conduct series of interviews across focus areas to unearth pain points, bright spots, needs, and wants. Summarize current state.

Future State Org Design

Co-develop design principles that connect future state to organizational objectives. Develop and assess organizational options based on best practices. Select future state option and acquire stakeholder buy-in where appropriate.

Operating Model Design

Identify and engage with key leaders for each functional area. Design engagement approach among stakeholders and decision-making rights for functional areas. Define high level KPIs for each functional area.

Change Planning & Execution

Slot resources into the new organization and assess stakeholder impacts of moving to future state. Develop roadmap for rolling out new function and designing operational playbooks for functional areas. Develop story on the change journey for organization and develop and execute communications plan and materials to support journey.