We provide expert support across the following areas:


Launch Standup

We can help you:
  • Define and establish internal launch teams and governance
  • Align your launch team culture, norms, and ways of working
  • Define launch team meeting cadence, ongoing communications, and reporting
  • Establish your success metrics and KPIs (pre- and post-launch)

Launch Coordination

We can help you:
  • Develop and track your cross-functional launch plan
  • Identify, monitor, and mitigate risk on an ongoing basis
  • Create an environment that fosters collaboration and transparency
  • Coordinate key cross-functional launch meetings

Launch Readiness

We can help you:
  • Conduct Launch Readiness Reviews to ensure leadership alignment leading up to launch
  • Prioritize assets and plan for your Medical Legal Regulatory (MLR) review
  • Run a mock launch to ensure your people, processes, and tech are ready
  • Carry out scenario planning for Day 0 based on anticipated regulatory approval timing
  • Create a Day 0 minute-by-minute action plan for seamless execution of post-approval activities