We provide expert support across the following areas:


Pre-Commercialization Planning

We can help you:
  • Develop your T-36 to T-18 cross-functional launch plan
  • Design scalable product teams to manage capability, headcount, and hiring
  • Identify ownership and accountability for global, regional, and country-specific deliverables
We provide strategic support as you:
  • Assess market opportunity, size, and landscape
  • Develop the core elements of your brand identity

Strategy Design

We can help you:
  • Design and facilitate pre-launch workshops to help set the foundation
  • Identify strategic decision-making and tactical planning needs
  • Plan how you’re going to shape the market
  • Create a strategy for medical evidence generation and dissemination
  • Build a multi-year brand strategy, aligned to goals and opportunities
  • Roll out leadership and performance coaching

Launch Excellence Design

We can help you:
  • Optimize performance with a Launch Excellence framework
  • Leverage repeatable launch planning tools, templates, and materials
  • Ensure consistency by developing a Launch Readiness Review framework
  • Design post-launch evaluations to create learnings for future projects