i am: Nadine Taylor

Nadine Taylor
Nadine Taylor

My Vynamic Color
Walk In The Woods

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Global Pharma Clinical Development, Pharmacovigilance, Medical & Regulatory Affairs, Digital Health

Select functional expertise
Change Management, Strategic Planning, Process Design

Favorite professional work experience
Organising & paneling an event at the Francis Crick Institute in London during which I was able to help bridge the gap between investors and life scientists

Past employment
Deloitte Consulting, CBRE

Master’s in Respiratory Biomedical Research, Imperial College London; PhD in Cell & Molecular Biophysics, King’s College London

My pets
My two dogs: a friendly yellow Labrador named Stamford and an energetic Weimaraner named Wellington

How I unwind
High intensity exercise classes and walking my dogs with my husband

Favorite travel destination
Italy for the food, wine, sites, culture, beauty, and history

Locations I’ve lived
United Kingdom and Singapore

I could teach you how to
Bollywood dance or play the piano

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