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Leadership & Performance Coaching.

Leaders who prioritize their own development are more likely to increase team engagement and effectiveness. Certified Vynamic coaches offer individualized sessions to enable leaders to define values, brands, and goals while eliciting client-generated solutions and strategies to navigate challenges.

What we do.

Vynamic’s Leadership & Performance Coaching offering provides leaders one-on-one coaching to set goals, create outcomes, and manage change. Through a creative, thought-provoking process, coaching inspires leaders to maximize their potential, which, in turn, drives team performance.

Leadership coaching sessions may focus on the following:

  • Behaviors & Beliefs: Bring awareness to the emotions, values, and beliefs that give rise to certain behaviors. Coaches will support clients as they develop strategies to challenge self-limiting beliefs (SLBs) while amplifying their inner guide.
  • Creative Competencies: Create consciousness of tendencies that drive leadership from fear and reaction to purpose and action. Coaches encourage the adoption of a creative mindset to move ‘above the line’ and increase achievement and fulfillment.
  • Values & Purpose: Explore and honor what’s important as clients gain alignment with their purpose and why. Coaches will empower clients to increase joy and lead with a creative mindset by tapping into their most wise and authentic selves.

Jessica Peterson

Head of Growth & Development and Leadership & Performance Coaching Offering Lead

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