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Dan Genel

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My Vynamic color

Blue Screen / #2067b2

Management Consultant with extensive experience in the implementation of technology and business process initiatives for health care companies.

Philadelphia, PA

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Health Industry sector experience

Health Services; Health Technology; Life Sciences

Vynamic service expertise

Technology Transformation

Health Industry areas of focus

Winning with Pharmacy Benefits Clinical Innovations/R&D; Commercial: Operations & Strategy; Enabling Health Technology

Locations I've worked

While I've spent most of my career working in the Philadelphia area, I've worked at clients in Central New Jersey, Boston and Bonn Germany.

Favorite Vynamic event

All of Vynamic's Summit Ups have been great, but AIM High really did reach new heights when in addition to great content, we all got the opportunity to fly a plane.

Professional passion

I love technology and finding ways to use it to help our customers solve their business challenges.

My family

Wife Tanya and children Drew and twins Alexander and Ryan

Favorite healthy activities

Road biking Strava profile

I could teach you how to

Do most things on your computer or with your technology gadgets.

Favorite book(s)

They Boys in the Boat. I read this after my kids started crew. It's an amazing story weaving together the stories of rowing, the athletes, the depression, the rise of Hitler - and an unexpected gold medal.

My Vynamic color

Blue Screen. I may be the only one to have our CEO at the time (Dan Calista) pick my color name. He knew my color was blue and my love of technology and thought the use of Blue Screen (after Microsoft's error screen) would be a fun connection.

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