Case Study

Emerging Digital Capability Launch


Faced with a challenging business environment, a launch brand for a leading global Pharmaceutical company went to market without the support of a traditional sales force. The brand team needed to achieve reach and awareness to adequately drive sales with decreased resources. In response to these constraints, the brand team sought to engage video detailing and webcasting. They needed support in leading the RFP and vendor selection for the webcasting program, as well as the design and implementation of both digital capabilities.


Vynamic developed a project roadmap prior to vendor selections. The Vynamic team created a weighted scorecard used to evaluate each vendor’s product demonstration. As vendors were selected for both the webcasting and video detailing programs, Vynamic quickly assembled cross-team working groups with members from the customer’s brand team and IS organizations, vendor business and technical teams, and the creative agencies assigned to each effort. Lastly, in advance of the program launch, Vynamic team members integrated with the brand team’s commercial learning liaisons and agency teams to push out and present system functional training to the video detailing representatives and physician speakers.


  • Created system design including cross-channel pull through between the digital and sales channels
  • Incorporated detailed physician activity data in the back-end system integration design
  • Completed both multi-vendor project launches on-time and on-budget