Rising consumption and prices of medical services, coupled with a lack of transparency to consumers on both prices and quality, are pressuring health plans to better manage medical costs. Vynamic helps clients manage their population with data-driven program design, outcomes-driven implementation, and ongoing analysis of internal capabilities.

How We Help

Stratify Member Populations

Stratify member population to identify high risk / high opportunity member cohorts based upon available health plan and external data (e.g., Claims, EMR, etc.).

Develop Care Program

Develop clinical interventions and supporting programs targeting key cost levers of priority patient population (i.e., comparative cost recommendations, enhanced care coordination, etc.). Program execution driven via engagement and partnership with plan case managers and providers.

Design Organization

Design optimized cross-functional team structure for greater operational efficiency and effectiveness. Alignment organization with how patients and providers want to engage.

Design Member & Provider Outreach

Design appropriate channels, methods and process for patient and physician outreach efforts. Identify and overcome barriers to doing so.
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