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Clinical Innovations.

Vynamic brings deep experience across the R&D product development lifecycle to deliver clinical innovation and optimization that differentiates clients in the Life Sciences market.  Our expertise drives successful outcomes with product team strategy and operating models, clinical development optimization, decentralized clinical trials, clinical trial diversity, data interoperability and standards, and more. 

How we help.

Strategy & Operating Models

We help client teams to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of product team structures and ways of working (e.g., legacy or resulting from M&A activity) and partner across various therapeutic areas, development platforms, and R&D functions to optimize alignment to organizational strategy and goals. 

Clinical Development Optimization

We partner with clients to build fit-for-purpose solutions to drive operational effectiveness of Feasibility and Study Start Up processes and systems, risk-based monitoring, and standardized reporting and metrics to help bring lifesaving therapies to patients faster. 

Decentralized Clinical Trials

We work with our clients to define strategic plans, mobilize efforts, and ensure organizational readiness (capabilities/technology, processes, organization structure, culture, data) to enable patient-centric, decentralized clinical trials across their portfolio of studies. 

Diversity in Clinical Trials

We help clients traverse the complex, nuanced, multi-player clinical trial lifecycle to reach clinical trial diversity goals through the implementation or expansion of diversified patient outreach, recruitment, education, and retention efforts, as well as physician outreach and DEI education. 

Data Interoperability & Standards

We help our clients navigate the clinical research ecosystem by enabling interoperability solutions and embedding standards aligned with industry-leading principles and best practices that improve data quality, improve multi-site coordination, and reduce the burden of data capture across clinical trials.  

Karen Baldry

Senior Executive & Head of Life Sciences

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