i am: Dan Calista

Dan Calista
Dan Calista

My Vynamic Color
Sunrise Yellow

My Vynamic role
Founder Emeritus

Favorite professional work experience
Vynamic’s recognition as the #1 Consulting Firm to Work For in the U.S. by Ivy Exec

Philadelphia Magazine Coolest Companies Issue

Babson College

My professional passion
Striving to create the healthiest company in the world and empowering others to bring healthy cultures to life in the workplace

Why start Vynamic?
I enjoyed consulting and knew it could be done a better way

My favorite company policy
zzzMail: structured disengagement will fuel improved employee engagement

Keys to success
Grow for our people, not at the expense of our people

My family
My wife, Bridget, and our children Caroline, Benjamin, and Luke

My favorite Vynamic memory
Celebrating Vynation, Pop. 100: when Vynamic reached 100 people in early 2016


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