i am: Adam Jones

Adam Jones
Adam Jones


My Vynamic Color
International Klein Blue

My professional passion 
The ability to learn and collaborate with individuals who have different life experiences and levels of knowledge has made being a part of a team something that I always have truly enjoyed 

Best early career advice received 
Never be afraid to ask questions and always find the value in feedback and criticism 

Keys for success 
Set goals, stay disciplined and determined, and learn from and with as many people as possible throughout the journey 

Why the healthcare industry 
Working in the healthcare industry is something to be proud of. Every day we all have an opportunity to reflect on our days to see that we have helped others 

B.S. in Business Management, Immaculata University  

My pet
A Mini Golden Doodle named Kobe 

Favorite sports teams  
Philadelphia Sixers and Eagles 

Hobby I’ve spent way too much time on 
I have played basketball throughout my entire life and in college, which has provided many life lessons and personal growth 

Philadelphia favorite 
Lucky’s Last Chance in Manayunk 

The one App I can’t live without 
Spotify – I have a huge passion for music and enjoy podcasts with great conversation   

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