i am: Hunter Goga

Hunter Goga
Hunter Goga


My Vynamic Color
Phthalo Green

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences, Healthcare Technology

My professional passion
Building authentic relationships with my clients to support them in achieving their goals 

B.S. in Finance; B.A. in Health Policy, Penn State University

Why the Healthcare industy
Working in healthcare allows me to be on the cutting edge of technological advancements that create a healthier world 

My Vynamic color
Pthalo Green – It’s a dark spring green color that symbolizes harmony and new beginnings. I am constantly looking for opportunities to promote harmony with my clients and coworkers by emphasizing the importance of authenticity and trust 

Keys for success
Organization, active listening, and passion

You may not have known
I have my skydiving license and have skydived off tandem 11 times

Community casues
I sit on the board of Stonewall Sports, a local non-profit LGBTQ+ intramural sports league. All proceeds from our sponsors and registration fees go to support local LGBTQ+ charities in the Philadelphia area 

Athletic pursuits
I play on three different intramural kickball leagues in Philly and am part of a defending champion team! 

How I unwind
Finding new niche musicians and creating thematic playlists 

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