i am: Ivan R. Cadiente

Ivan R. Cadiente
Ivan R. Cadiente

My Vynamic Color
Purple Isles

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences

Locations I’ve lived
Boston, California, New Jersey, Florida

Best early career advice
“The Untouchables” – Everyone has something in their personal life that trumps their professional life.  Make sure your leadership understands what that is to help them better adjust their expectations.

Past employment
Accenture, Slalom

Babson College

Select functional expertise
Revenue Management, Sales Operations, Project & Portfolio Management, Budget Management, Full Cost Accounting

My Vynamic color
Purple Isles represents the connection to my hometown of Islamorada, FL, also known as “The Purple Isles”

You may not have known
I appeared on an episode of Miami Vice

My professional passion
Data analytics

Athletic pursuits
Crossfit, volleyball, olympic weightlifting

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