i am: Lauren Scandone

Lauren Scandone
Lauren Scandone


My Vynamic Color

My Vynamic role
Executive and Culture Curation Service Lead

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Strategic Planning, Culture, and Commercial Excellence

Recent select project
While working on an enterprise-wide technology implementation we were asked by client leadership to build and deliver skill-building opportunities to increase team EQ and performance. As we built and delivered the series, I was awed by my Vynamic colleagues’ ability to lead strategic workshops that provide immediate outcomes, broaden perspectives, and promote true introspection. I looked at my colleague and asked “how can we build upon this?” That moment marked the beginning of a passion project and the start of my journey into Culture Curation

My professional passion
Helping individuals and teams recognize their strengths, identify opportunities for growth, and chart a course to reach their goals

Famous at Vynamic for
Providing a direct, honest opinion no matter the situation


My favorite
Collection of Essays – I am deeply passionate about people and their unique perspectives that make them who they are. Whenever I feel the need for a mental break or a jolt of inspiration I pick a podcast or personal essay on the This I Believe website and get lost in the story

My family
My partner Tim, Rhys (3), and our dog Buster (7)

Rules to live by
Be Kind. Be Honest. Be Authentic.

I can’t live without
My Apple watch “ping my phone” functionality

My Vynamic color
Sass – After moving from Boston, I was given the opportunity to shift focus from client delivery to internal strategic projects, technology, and our office as “the SASS” (Success Ambassador for Strategic Solutions). My color pays respect to this role, to the perspectives I gained, and my growth as a person, leader, and consultant. I chose glitter as a representation because it always finds the light and provides a bit of sparkle to all who are in its presence


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