i am: Tejas Shah

Tejas Shah
Tejas Shah


My Vynamic Color
Maya Blue

Select functional expertise 
Systems Implementation, Vendor Selection, Process Design, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Product Launch 

Favorite professional accomplishment 
During a brief period after completing my bachelor’s degree and before starting my first job, I helped expand our family business (manufacturing and trading of pre-construction materials) into China. This was our entry into the broader market outside of India 

Best early career advice received 
There is opportunity in chaos 

Locations I’ve worked
Mumbai, India; Peoria, IL; Boston, MA; Harrisburg, PA

My Vynamic color 
Maya Blue – While having a calming aura, Maya Blue symbolizes persistence, an important ingredient for success in life, by being impervious to age, acid, weather, and more. Maya Blue was first used around A.D. 300, but the composition remained a mystery until the 1960s 

BS in Computer Science, Mumbai University; MS in Information Technology, Bentley University

Passionate about 
Personal Finance (Stock Market and Real Estate Investing) 

My pets 
Charlie, a Boston Terrier who loves to play, and Nandor, a Domestic short-haired cat, who loves to cuddle 

I could teach you how to 
Cook a wide variety of cuisines. Since my wife and I come from vastly different backgrounds, we experiment a lot with foods that excite both of our taste buds. Some of our favorites are Vietnamese Spring rolls and Bahn Mi, Mexican Chimichangas, Indian Chicken Tikka Masala, and Korean Kimchi Jjigae 

Little known fact
Since my wife, Thu Luc, isn’t from the same community as me, the troubles we went through are hilarious (in retrospection). Check out how we met here

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