i am: ToriLynn Hayer

ToriLynn Hayer
ToriLynn Hayer


My Vynamic Color
Spring Green

Penn State University, B.A. International Politics, B.A. Economics

My Vynamic color
Spring Green to symbolize life and fresh beginnings

Favorite personal accomplishment
Dancing in THON my senior year at Penn State

Favorite travel destination
I love going on cruises, most recently to Bermuda

Locations I’ve worked
I have been a part of the Philadelphia community since the beginning of my career

Past Employment

My greatest lesson learned
Do not be afraid to ask questions

Projects I enjoy
Data and analytics focused on customer behaviors

Why the healthcare industry
I want to be a part of a team that will positively impact my community

Philly favorite
I love all of the murals throughout the city and learning the history behind each one

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