i am: ToriLynn Hayer

ToriLynn Hayer
ToriLynn Hayer


My Vynamic Color
Spring Green

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences, Healthcare Technology, Providers

Penn State University, B.A. in Economics & B.A. International Politics

Why the Healthcare industry
Health is a critical foundation to all our lives. I believe there are opportunities for continuous improvement in the healthcare industry that can have a positive and lasting impact to individuals and our community

Best early career advice received
“What is the worst that could happen?” mindset: Whenever I question myself or feel anxious about a decision, I ask myself “what is the worst that could happen?” Typically, the “worst” is not so bad and gives me the confidence to move forward

Bottom line
I love bringing people and teams together to help them maximize their collective impact by breaking down barriers, identifying common goals, and simplifying solutions

My Vynamic color
Spring Green – To symbolize life and fresh beginnings

Favorite personal accomplishment
Dancing in a 46 hour dance marathon, THON, my senior year at Penn State to support children and families impacted by childhood cancer

Passionate about
Hiking. Over the past few years, I have hiked the Inca Trail, summited my first 14er, and taken in the stunning sights of 6 National Parks. I love the feelings of peace and accomplishment I get from the trail

My family
My husband and son

Favorite travel destination
My husband and I met on a study abroad trip in college. We have continued to make traveling a priority. Some of our favorite trips have been to Budapest, Munich, Barcelona & Chiang Mai

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