i am: Yemi Onibokun

Yemi Onibokun
Yemi Onibokun


My Vynamic Color
Flair Orange

Favorite professional work experience
Led an Electronic Health Record System initiative in Malawi providing the right EHRS solution to the healthcare center 

Industry Associations
Women in Technology 

B.S. in Management Information Systems and Minor in International Business, Villanova University 

My industry passion
Maternal outcome improvement initiatives to reduce mortality rates between mothers and newborns 

Why the Healthcare industry
My grandparents and mother were medical doctors and I witnessed first-hand the impact their work had on improving the lives of people in the community 

My Vynamic color
Flair Orange – I am an optimistic person who thrives on doing my best to find solutions 

My favorite book
Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 

How I unwind
I unwind when I am being creative – making jewelry, gardening, and sketching designs 

Favorite travel destination
Cape Town, South Africa – enjoying the scenery, beaches, delicious seafood and amazing wineries/vineyards 

My hero
My hero is my dear friend, Omotola Thomas, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 35 years old. Instead of letting it bring her down, she started a foundation in Africa to help others with the disease 

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