i am: Bob Riefer

Bob Riefer
Bob Riefer


My Vynamic Color
Barnwood Grey

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences, Services and Technology, Health Plans

What past role was critical to your career development?
Working in sales, especially after years in strategic and project roles, added so much depth to my knowledge about the dynamics between customers and companies

My Vynamic color
I chose Barnwood Grey because I enjoyed a lot of personal growth while rebuilding my 110-year-old barn to create my woodworking shop

B.S. Susquehanna University, M.B.A. Drexel University

Best early career advice received
Who you are in business is who you are in life

As a child I wanted to be
An inventor

Why I joined Vynamic
I believe that happy, empowered and talented people will naturally drive to excel and create a productive and healthy work environment. That’s the type of place that Vynamic is, and I wanted to be a part of it.

My professional passion
Process improvement

Athletic pursuits
I play in a men’s basketball pickup league every week and love hiking with my family

My family
Wife, Megan and children Keegan and Emily

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