i am: Cara Blumenfeld

Cara Blumenfeld
Cara Blumenfeld


My Vynamic Color
Tropical Rainforest

Healthcare sector experience
Public Health, Health Plans

Select functional expertise
Systems Implementation, Organizational Change, Process Design

Past employment
Appian, Deloitte

Athletic pursuits
I began competitive swimming at the age of 6 and concluded my career with four years swimming for Duke University. Some of the most exciting moments in my life were competing at the 2008 and 2012 US Olympic trials

Why I chose my Vynamic color
I chose Tropical Rain Forest green because I have a passion for traveling to tropical destinations, so much so that I married my husband in the rainforest in Costa Rica!

My professional passion
Tackling complex business problems that once solved, positively impact the people around me

Duke University, Pratt School of Engineering

Favorite sports team
Patriots! I have been an avid fan as long as I can remember

I joined Vynamic
To do exciting work in the healthcare field as part of a company with an amazing culture and strong values

Where I unwind
At the beach (when Massachusetts weather permits!). I grew up going to Cape Cod most weekends in the summer and have always felt at home at the beach

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