i am: Emily Arrow

Emily Arrow
Emily Arrow


My Vynamic Color
Magical Mint

Past employment
Deloitte Consulting, Aramark

Best early career advice received
Asking questions is the least confrontational tool to get someone else to understand your point of view

Locations I’ve worked
Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Boston, Kansas City, Ithaca, Hyderabad

Music and arts involvement
I cantor and sing in the parish choir at St. Thomas of Villanova

My Vynamic color
My favorite place on Earth is Disney World, where cast members use their talents to create magical experiences for their guests. My goal is to bring that same level of commitment – and maybe even magic – to clients

Villanova University

Favorite local community event
The Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I used to be an Irish Dancer (despite having no Irish heritage whatsoever!) and have fond memories of dancing in the parade each year as a child

Hobby I’ve spent way too much time on
Knitting – it takes a lot of time to make a sweater

Interesting summer job
My summer internship was in the fundraising office at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

I joined Vynamic
To make lives better through my work while being part of a company that cares so much about its own people

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