i am: Enrico Leone

Enrico Leone
Enrico Leone

My Vynamic Color
Fluid Blue

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences, Providers

University of Pittsburgh B.S. Information Science

Past employment
Ernst & Young, TAP & Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Recent select project
Led Medical Affairs work stream within enterprise-wide strategic program, responsible for defining and implementing a number of key initiatives across budget management, vendor engagement, and streamlining medical communication activities to enable faster and more strategic decision making and more cost effective ways of working

Little known fact
Traveled 2,385 miles alone by motorcycle over 11 days from Vancouver, British Columbia to Los Angeles, CA

Select functional expertise
Strategic Planning, Organizational Change, Team Building and Leadership, Training Design and Facilitation, Vendor Selection

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Medical Affairs, Sales, Operations, Digital and Multi-Channel Marketing

If I worked elsewhere
Working harvest at a winery

Passionate about
Exploring Philly’s food scene

Why I chose my Vynamic color
I love surfing and find there are many parallels with working in the healthcare industry.  Both present ever changing fluid environments that require focus and a solid understanding of current conditions to ensure success

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