i am: Haines Fleshman

Haines Fleshman
Haines Fleshman


My Vynamic Color
Namaste Lavender

My Vynamic role
PMO & Operations Associate 

Select funtional expertise
Project Management, Performance Improvement, and Data Analysis/Reporting 

My industry passion
It is no secret that the US healthcare system tends to be wasteful and inefficient. I am passionate about bringing efficiency to the healthcare system by optimizing processes and keeping the patient and the provider at the center of all decisions that are made 

B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Clemson University; Master’s of Healthcare Administration, Medical University of South Carolina 

Best early career advice received
Build connections and take advantage of informational interviews. My willingness to build my network and reach out to strangers with the intention of learning more has opened many doors for me. In fact, it is how I landed my job with Vynamic!    

My pet
I have a frantic little orange tabby name Pastuzo that I adopted as a kitten during the pandemic (named after Uncle Pastuzo in the Paddington Bear stories and nicknamed Stu). Stu is only 7 pounds and very playful. We think he will always be a tiny ball of energy. My fiancé also has a tuxedo cat named Ziggy (named after Ziggy Stardust). Ziggy is much more docile and will let you pick him up and toss him around

I can’t live without
Coffee – It brings me joy every morning! My favorite coffee shop in Raleigh is The Optimist. They have amazing coffee, and their breakfast sandwiches are to die for! 

Interesting summer job
I interned as a research assistant at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland one summer 

Favorite travel destination
I love visiting my sister in Montana every year. It is the most beautiful place in the summertime (also in the winter, but the cold weather is not for me)! You will most likely find me at Glacier National Park while I’m there 

Where I unwind
Every day you will find me unwinding at Midtown Yoga in either Raleigh or Durham. My yoga mat is my safe space 

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