i am: Kojo Marfo

Kojo Marfo
Kojo Marfo


My Vynamic Color
Robust Red

Drexel University, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering & Finance

Kibi, Ghana

Favorite personal accomplishment
Completing the Broad Street Run. I’m not a distance runner in the least bit, so not only completing the 10-mile run, but in under my target time

Recent select project
Led a program that enabled field force operations across multiple indications in a co-collaboration between two global Life Science companies

Favorite sports teams
Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia 76ers

My favorite book
The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) and Relentless (Tim S. Grover)

A Philadelphia best kept secret
Café La Maude. Best place for brunch in the city

Why the healthcare industry?
Impact. Working in healthcare allows you to indirectly touch the lives of millions of people

Little known fact
I have a goal to never let my age exceed the number of countries I’ve visited

My Vynamic Color
Robust Red – when you think of something robust you think something well-rounded; strong; and, because we are healthcare industry management consultants, HEALTHY. Robust Red describes me as a person and how I approach work and life in general

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