i am: Matt Dalius

Matt Dalius
Matt Dalius


My Vynamic Color
Soaring Green

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences

Locations I’ve worked
Philadelphia PA, Washington DC, Boston MA, Salt Lake City UT, Irvine CA, Stockholm Sweden, Manchester UK, Toronto Canada

BS Information Science and Technology, Pennsylvania State University

My greatest lesson learned
Re-read everything before you send it

Past summer job
During college I had a job as a sports photographer and transitioned that into a passion today for capturing interesting imagery

Past employment

I joined Vynamic 
To explore a new career path and immerse myself in the local culture

Little know fact
I’ve traveled the world seeking unique and interesting beers and created a database to track my findings

Recent Select Project
Led a global program at a large pharmaceutical company, rolling out a new business service, focused on improving meetings & events, across 14 different markets

My Vynamic color
I narrowed my color choices down to 5, and then decided to post via Facebook and let my social media friends help me choose the color that best represented me

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