i am: Peter Liebman

Peter Liebman
Peter Liebman

My Vynamic Color
Basin Blue

Healthcare sector experience
Health Plans, Revenue Cycle Management, Biopharmaceuticals, Provider Groups

Select functional expertise
Supply Chain and Procurement, Process Design

Favorite professional work experience
Leading the implementation of a change management program to reorganize and deliver over $5M in annual Supply Chain savings for a leading aerospace manufacturer

Past employment
PA Consulting Group

B.A. in Economics from the University of Rochester

Paris, France

Favorite personal accomplishment
Developing and implementing a new operating model at a major U.S. Health Plan that included helping the client move from a heavily decentralized environment to one in which all major decisions were made by one central management team

Now learning how to

A Philadelphia Best Kept Secret
Café Lift for Breakfast

Unusual past job
I worked as a housing construction intern for a summer, demolitioning kitchens, learning about the interworking of plumbing and electrical components

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